Style is the answer to everything. A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing. To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it. To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art.
— Charles Bukowski

Style Guidelines:

To untangle style from fast fashion, rethink our relationship with what we wear and challenge conventional definitions of beauty — these are qualities we look for in visual style stories for Limbo, a lifestyle magazine we describe as a guide for those who wander.

Our startup editorial team seeks photographers, designers and stylists who produce compelling visual content to appeal to our urban, globally aware and culturally savvy audience of wanderers, creators, backpackers, tastemakers, builders and dreamers. Since launching online in late 2015, we are emerging as a thoughtful platform for substantive storytelling, and we aim to fill a gap in lifestyle media between listicle-dominated (i.e., click baity) digital publishers and hipster-ific (i.e., #liveauthentic @socalitybarbie) fashion rags.

The vision for our style section is simple but profound: we want everyone to slow down. Yes, we intend to lobby for a more humane and sustainable fashion industry. But style is largely personal, and we also aspire to develop real relationships with the clothing and accessories we bring into our lives. We want to know their backstories and draw inspiration from that genesis. And as travelers, we’re endlessly curious; we want to investigate the interplay between environment and design, discover a sense of place and toy with the elements of composition.

While we will always consider compelling style content on its own merits, we have recently defined a handful of departments for our style section. We now seek submissions from photographers, designers, stylists and artists for the following recurring features. Please submit to the email address below. 


What We're Looking For:

Quarterly Concepts: For our seasonal features, we team with photographers and stylists to produce compelling style stories with a narrative hook, favoring urban subject matter and grittier, unstaged aesthetics. Our recent “Skate Like a Girl” feature is one example of our quarterly concepts.

Lift Off: Anthropology, documentary photography and fashion meet in these destination stories that visually transport us to another world, documenting its environment and its people — especially the relationship with how we cover our bodies and express identity through style.

Model Citizen: Street style typically leaves more questions than answers — the mystery of the happenstance, the coincidence of photographer and subject, the magic of the moment. But for these stories, we want to scratch the surface just a bit more; we’re as curious about composition as we are the subject’s personality, passions and livelihood — and how their style reflects and contradicts this.

Mood Board: What inspires designers transforming the industry and stylists giving second life to the discarded? For our mood board pieces, we profile designers, stylists and tastemakers to discover their potpourri of current influences. These themed profiles could range from a curated series of images showing what’s inspired recent designs to a hodgepodge of random images, ideas and sounds. What’s compelling about these features is their demonstration of personality, intimacy and creative inspiration.

Finders Keepers: What kind of one-of-a-kind styles can you resurrect from the dingy bins of a thrift store — or, just maybe, uncover from a dumpster? There are no rules, just neighborhoods to explore. For these stories, we ask you to take a camera and hit the streets for style hunting in some unusual places — show us where you go and what you find along the way.

Color Theory: For these abstract and conceptual style features, designers and photographers take imaginative leaps and explore environmental inspiration in their work, with color being the central unifying element.


How to Submit Stories and Ideas:

We will happily consider both pitches for projects as well as series of images that fit the mission for our style section. Direct all submissions to Please don’t send large attachments; we prefer you to send a link to images via Google Drive (preferred), Dropbox or similar service (make sure you’ve set permissions for anyone with the link to view files so we can share internally).

Please note that our editorial team currently does all manner of (mostly legal) things to pay our rent; and while we can’t (yet!) pay cash for contributions, we believe that great stories need to be told, and we want to help tell yours. If you’re in Portland, Oregon, we’ll invite you over to sit on our couch and sip some instant miso and sake — that’s on us, of course.