Words | Magda Lipka Falck   Art Direction Ashley O'Neil

The designer of the "Anywhere Travel Guide" takes you on a playful tour of the city you call home, demonstrating that sometimes shifting your perspective is all you need to change your world.


A slight change of perspective — looking up instead of down, turning a corner where you have never walked before, being curious of the oft-ignored details — might change your whole view of the world.

One day, I realized that there were so many things I had never seen in the city that I have lived in my entire life — even the streets that I walked every day: I just passed them by without noticing.

I suddenly started lifting my head and watching the rooftops, the color of the facades, the windows reflecting the sky. I became curious about what was hidden just behind, above, or below what I thought I had already seen — taking a new route to wherever I was going opened my eyes.

My world suddenly had a hundred more layers; every day I had a thousand more experiences. Walking out on the street was suddenly an adventure. Every new morning, I would ask: Hello world, what can you offer me today? Every little detail could be an entirely new experience and my life had become much richer than before.

I think this is exactly what traveling is about — changing your perspective, not only of the places you visit, but also the places you come home to.  

Taking a new route to wherever I was going opened my eyes.

Magda Lipka Falck is a Stockholm-based designer who works at Sweden’s Elle Magazine.